2019 NPC SC Excalibur Aug 17, Charleston SC

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Download, read and follow our skin Prep instructions here.



Please only  schedule one appointment. We will apply 2 coats of color at you initial session. For morning touch ups you  will be given a time block. You may come anytime during that assigned block and will be taken first come first serve during that time. This information will be available for you when you come in for your initial appointment.
To maintain privacy and comply with NPC rules we schedule female and male blocks for AM touch ups so please make sure to come during your designated time.  If you miss your time block you will have to wait until we finish NO EXCEPTIONS. We schedule according to the stage order to assure you will be ready in ample time.
Our on line scheduling is cut off 24 hours before our tanning schedule starts. We gladly accept walk ins, so please come to the tanning location noted and we will get you in as quickly as possible. You must come no later 7:45 PM. for walk in appointments.
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