2022 NPC Memphis Bodybuilding Championships April 16 Memphis, Tennessee

Liquid Sun Rayz
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      Show Venue:    

                   Hilton Memphis                   
    939 Ridge Lake Blvd. 
   Memphis, TN 38120

We will be spraying at the Venue Friday and Saturday.

Meeting rooms   SOUTHEAST ABC



All Spraying will be done in the tanning room. Backstage services , suit glue and glazing,and minor hand touch up will be dome in the back stage area




Show Website:     https://npcmemphischampionships.com/


Online appointment scheduling is a MUST.  If you do not make an appointment and choose to "walk-in" you will be charged an additional $20.00 on top of the regular package pricing.  This is to ensure that we have adequate staffing and product for each show.

  • You will only need to select 1 appointment time. We will apply 2 coats at your initial appointment. We DO NOT take appointments for Saturday mornings. Walk up ONLY on a first-come, first-serve basis according to the touch up schedule.


Make sure you read our cancellation policy here

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