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Covid-19 refund policy

Show Postponed: If a show is postponed we will  issue a credit for a different show in the future or for product purchases. We will have an extended expiration date on these credits to be used through December 2021.

Show Cancelled: As shows are cancelled we are issuing refunds as quickly as we can. Please allow up to 45 days after a refund request for a refund to be processed. Or we can offer an immediate credit to be used on any future show or a product purchase. These credits will have an extended expiration date of December 2021. Thank you for your patience. We are addressing getting funds back to our customers as quickly as we can.


2020 NPC Branch Warren Classic Houston, Texas June 13th (#Tanning on the SIDE)
2020 NPC Connecticut Grand Prix June 13 New Haven, CT
2020 Atlanic Coast- June 13 Raleigh, North Carolina
2020 IFBB/NPC Dallas Europa Dallas, Texas June 20th and 21st (#Tanning on the SIDE)
2020 NPC Victory Classic - June 26 Charlotte, North Carolina
2020 NPC Battle on the Bay Corpus Christi, Texas July 4th (#Tanning on the SIDE)

2020 IFBB PRO LEAGUE/NPC Northern California July 11, Sacramento CA


2020 NPC Southeast Championships July 11th Beaumont, Texas

2020 NPC Victory Classic July 11 Charlotte, NC

2020 NPC Battle on the Bay July 18th Corpus Christi, Texas

2020 San Jose Championships July 18 Santa Clara, CA

2020 NPC Charlotte Cup July 18 Charlotte, NC

2020 IFBB/NPC Prestige Crystal Cup -- Boca Raton, FL July 25
2020 NPC Lee Labrada Classic July 25th Stafford, Texas
2020 IFBB/NPC Tampa Pro/Extravaganza -- Tampa, FL July 31/August 1 (2 Day)
2020 NPC Southwest USA Fit Expo Arlington, Texas August 1st (#Tanning on the SIDE)
2020 IFBB/NPC SAN ANTONIO PRO/Am -- Texas Aug 8
2020 NPC Carolina Super Weekend Aug 14-15 Charlotte, NC
2020 NPC Indiana State August 15 Indianapolis, IN
2020 South Carolina Excalibur- August 15 Charleston, South Carolina
2020 NPC Kentucky Open August 22 Lexington, KY
2020 IFBB/NPC Golden State August 22 Sacramento, CA

2020 IFBB/NPC Mel Chancey Harbor Classic August 22 Punta Gorda, FL

2020 Lenda Murray NPC/IFBB Savannah Bodybuilding Show Aug 29 Savannah , GA

2020 NPC Rocks Discount Fit Expo and Night of Champions August 29th Austin, Texas
2020 NPC Jr USA's Aug 27 -29 Charleston, SC
2020 IFBB/NPC Puerto Rico Pro/Am/PQ San Juan, PR - Aug 28/29/30
2020 NPC Indiana Muscle August 29
2020 NPC Rocks Discount Fit Expo and Night of Champions Austin, Texas August 29th (#Tanning on the SIDE)
2020 Carolina State Championship- August 29 Charleston, South Carolina
2020 NPC North Americans Sep 2-5 Pittsburgh, PA
2020 IFBB/NPC ARIZONA PRO/Am/Rising Phoenix -- AZ Sep 5

2020NPC Phil Heath Classic September 5th Houston, Texas

2020 IFBB New York Pro Sep 5 White Plains NY

2020 NPC Hoosier flex Classic September 12 Fort Wayne, IN
2020 NPC Branch Warren Classic September 12th Houston, Texas
2020 Central California Championships Sep 12 Fresno, CA
2020 Muscle Heat- September 12 Greensboro, North Carolina
2020 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival/IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro September 19 Louisville, KY
2020 NPC Heart of Texas Garland, Texas Sept 19th (#Tanning on the SIDE)
2020 IFBB/NPC Hurricane/Typhoon Bay -- St Petersburg, FL Sep 19
2020 Stewart Fitness- September 26 High Pointe Theatre, North Carolina
2020 NPC Kuclo Classic September 26th Plano, Texas

2020 NPC Muscle Heat- Sept 26 Charlotte, NC

2020 NPC Stewart Fitness- Sept 26 Charlotte, NC



2020 The Wisconsin State Championship October 3 Kenosha, WI

2020 NPC Natural Northern October 3 Cleveland, OH

2020 Tricky Jackson Oct 3 Lexington, KY
2020 NPC East Coast Cup October10 New Haven, CT
2020 San Francisco Championships Oct 10 Hayward, CA
2020 Mid- Atlantic- October 10 Charlotte, North Carolina
2020 NPC Lackland Classic Oct 10th San Antonio, Texas

2020 NPC Master Nationals October 12- 15 Pittsburgh, PA

2020 IFBB/NPC CHICAGO PRO/Wings of Strength -- October 15-16 (2 day)

2020 NPC John Shermans Muscle Beach Classic Oct 17th Galveston, Texas

2020 NPC Nashville Fit Show October 17 Nashville, TN

2020 NPC Upstate Classic Oct 17 Charlotte, NC

2020 NGA Monster Mash October 24 Middletown, OH

2020 The NPC Adela Garcia Classic Oct 24 Austin, Texas

2020 NPC Mid Atlantic- Oct 24 Charlotte, NC

2020 IFBB PRO LEAGUE/NPC Sacramento Championship October 17, CA
2020 Natural Kentucky Nov 1 Covington, KY
2020 NPC Worldwide PQ Latin American Championships – San Jose, Costa Rica, Maggy/Alex Cambronero Nov 7
2020 IFBB/NPC San Antonio Classic Nov 7th San Antonio, Texas
2020 NPC Universe November 13-14 Teaneck, NJ
2020 IFBB/NPC/PQ Romania Muscle Fest -- Bucharest, Romania Nov 14/15
2020 Whitney Jones Class Nov 14 Phoenix, AZ
2020 Elite Muscle Heat- November 14 Greensboro, North Carolina

2020 Natural Indianapolis November 14, IN

2020 NPC Elite Muscle – Nov 14 Charlotte, NC

2020 NPC Nationals -- Miami, FL Nov 20/21 (#Tanning on the SIDE)
2020 IFBB/NPC Atlantic Coast – Fort Lauderdale Nov 28
2020 NPC Worldwide PQ Caribbean Grand Prix – Bermuda Dec 5

2020 IFBB/NPC Battle of Texas Dec 11-12 Irvine TX

2020 Olympia December 16-20 Las Vegas, NV

2020 NPC Texas Cup Dec 19th Waco, Texas


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