Jennifer Hennessey

Not just an athlete, Jennifer is an emergency & critical care veterinarian in Houston, Texas and owner of Animal ER of NW Houston as well as Wonder Pet Rehabilitation. Aside from being a mother of 2 amazing kids, Dr Hennessey currently contributes her experiences as a busy mom, entrepreneur and athlete  as content to Maximum Muscle Report and several other Texas magazines. Jennifer holds 2 current pageant titles, Mrs Legacy United States and Mrs Legacy International as she works to advocate for her community and country. As a role model for women and mothers, Jennifer’s fitness journey began as a full transformation which has helped her discover self-empowerment and the motivation to chase more goals personally and professionally. Jennifer serves the City of Houston and law enforcement as the chief veterinarian for the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force and outside of the gym, is training to become a veterinary forensic specialist.

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