2024 Arnold Sport AC BIKINI Hair

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We will be set up for all services at:

The Vault
35 E. Gay Street
Columbus, OH 43215

This is a straight shot to the Convention Center

The Vault is located directly across the street from the Residence Inn on E. Gay Street
Hair Services: (touch ups included)
Approximately 30-45 min
Please Arrive to your appointment with your hair shampooed and dry.
We cannot cut, wash, or blow dry.
If you have hair extensions, there will be an additional $25 for installation. Please make sure
they are clean and ready. We recommend HUMAN hair extensions for heat styling.
All hair services are based on Straightening or curls.
Please select from the drop-down menu your choice of hair OR hair with extensions.
Once purchase has been made, someone from our staff will contact you to schedule your appointment.
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